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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ooops! Canes Lose Game 5

The Carolina Hurricanes lost Game 5 in OT to the Edomonton Oilers on a shorthanded goal off a lazy pass from Corey Stillman to Eric Staal. The Canes were hearding up ice on the power play when Stillman was bothered by a defender and hung the puck out in the open ice. It was taken by an Oiler player who went one-on-one with Cam Ward and put it past him in the top corner. Game 6 will happen Saturday night in Edmonton. Two thoughts: 1. People are complaining now about karma and how too many fans treated this like a coronation rather than a game that needed to be won. And yes there was way too much presumption going around Raleigh yesterday and even before that when the Canes locked up the 3-1 lead. I do not believe in karma however and having witnessed any number of seven game series in the three major sports which use them I can tell you that more times than naught a team up 3-1 loses Game 5 and then wins Game 6. The flip side to that is the rare case that we are witnessing a complete debacle on the part of Carolina and the 3-1 lead will eventually turn into a Edmonton win in Game 7. Make no mistake it is a very precarious perch the Canes are not sitting upon. There is pressure to take care of business in Game 6 as to avoid Game 7 which would be a free for all, everything on the ice affair that anyone could win. 2. The Canes still have two chances to win it, with one of those happening on home ice. They won in Edmonton once already so there nothing to say they cannot do it again but it will be tough since the Oilers have the momentum and questions about Aaron Ward and Doug Weight injuries loom very large in the background. On the positive side the Canes have not lost two straight playoff games since going down 0-2 in the 1st round to Montreal a testimony to their resilence. And in terms of the bigger picture early March was the last time they lost three straight games. It was a bad play but based on what I have seen from these guys they turn losses into motivation to play better and win the next game. I expect nothing less come Saturday night.


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