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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

J.J. Redick Charged with DUI

Former Duke star, ESPN darling, presumed lottery pick, and all time ACC leading scorer J.J. Redick was charged with DUI this morning in Durham after he attempted to evade a police checkpoint by making a U-turn(which according to my late father is something you never, ever, do.) Redick only blew a 0.11 which is a tick above the legal limit but the law is the law so what can you do. Redick's arrest comes a mere few weeks before the NBA Draft which Redick was inexplicably projected to go as a lottery pick. Given all of the attention that gets paid to off the court issues, the arrest may impact Redick's status somewhat though it is a first offense, a mistake a lot of people make, and he is a clean cut white boy from Duke. Oh wait a minute I forgot that last part does not matter anymore. In fact there are few things I am wondering like whether or not Duke will launch a full investigation into the basketball program perhaps suspending the entire team for the next season. Maybe Coach K will resign under pressure since he obviously has very little control over his players. The warning signs are there and Duke would be foolhardy to ignore them and should crush the basketball program like a walnut under the merciless hammer of justice lest the name of Duke be soiled! I also find the whole episode humorous considering Redick's clean cut reputation and the fact Dick Vitale cannot help but be completely spastic in his effusive praise of all things Redick. The spin from Duke's #1 fan will be interesting when it comes forth. And I am pretty much laughing my Carolina loving self silly over the irony of Coach K's constant mantra about being a "leader" and "arming" his players with more than a jumpshot but preparing them for life, which has now been turned on its head. Hey K, here some free advice, how about arming your kids with the good sense to know when to call a designated driver or even a cab. In fact, if you anywhere within the juristication of the Durham DA, Mike Nifong, I would highly recommend the cab option since it also provides you with an alibi witness just in case someone accuses you of some unsavory act. Redick is due in court on July 17 where pretty much nothing of consequence will happen.


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