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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Or to put it into "redneck" terms the Canes took the Oilers behind the woodshed and beat the ever living daylights out of them with a two-by-four. Basically the Canes' players were angry despite winning Game 1 because they played horribly for the first two periods. Game 2 was a different story as the Canes dominated ever facet of the contest. By the beginning of the third period the Oilers were down 3-0 and so frustrated that they basically starting hitting the Canes players just for the fun of it which resulted in two more power play goals. Players on both sides afterwards called it playoff hockey and these sort of things happen when the rout is on but there was no excusing the hit Oiler goon Georges Laraque gave to Andrew Ladd presumably as payback for Ladd hitting Roloson in Game 1 and taking out the Oiler goalie for the rest of the series. Which is fine except Ladd was pushed from behind into Roloson by Burgeron so maybe during practice today Laraque can hit Burgeron to make sure justice is fully served. Laraque got a major penalty(which I did not know resulted in a 5 minute power play. If this had happened 10 minutes earlier the Canes would have won 7-0) and a game misconduct resulting in an ejection. He did the same thing during the San Jose series we will see if the NHL sits him down for Game 3 or not. Anyway, the game was a statement and while the Canes have done nothing but hold home ice, the manner in which they throttled Edmonton coupled with the loss of Roloson makes a Oiler rally very difficult. Of course they say Edmonton is a tough venue to play for the road team. The Canes need to keep the stellar play going and grab at least 1 of 2 on the road.


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