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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Things I Was Thinking About While Waiting for the Hurricanes to Score a Goal...

Which they did and tied the game with three minutes to go in the third period before losing in overtime 2-1 on a power play goal by Buffalo. Now I have enjoyed watching the Hurricanes play but I still think hockey is more chaos and freaky ricochets of the puck. The most impressive part of the game is watching these guys skate with unbelievable agility and speed. I also cannot figure out how the goaltenders put their legs in those kinds of positions. Anyway Buffalo visits Carolina Thursday night for Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. GO CANES!!! Which the Detroit Pistons down 3-1 to Miami and playing Game 5 tonight to avoid elimination it is obvious where the flaw with the team lies: Flip Saunders. In two years under Larry Brown the Piston won the NBA title and then went to Game 7 in The Finals versus San Antonio. This season under the direction of Saunders they have looked every bit the part of a team that is one step behind and completely out of focus. It took them seven games to dispatch Cleveland whose only offensive threat was Lebron James. Now against Miami they are being eaten alive by Dwyane Wade. They have zero heart and fire at this point. Motivation is the job of the coach as is establishing a good game plan and seeing that it is executed. Saunders is apparently doing neither. ESPN is now referring to Barry Bonds as "Chasing Aaron" now. As a public service Tar Heel Fan would like to offer the following advice to ESPN: IT'S OVER...LET. IT. GO. Speaking of records Jayson Stark who writes baseball columns at ESPN.com served up a nice article on the Top 10 records on baseball. What I really liked about it was his assertion right up front that the home runs records from the "Asterisk Era" have been rendered worthless and as a result he did not included them in his Top 10. At least someone at ESPN has some good sense. NC State's Cedric Simmons has opted to stay in the NBA Draft. More bad news came when recruit Larry Davis asked to be released from his Letter of Intent to he could go to Seton Hall and the Pack also stands to lose the recruit Dan Werner in the same fashion. The good news is Sidney Lowe may be available a full month sooner than expected after tonight's Game 5 in Detroit. Lowe still has to finish college and pass the NCAA recruiting exam. I am sure he will also be tied up with some huge college graduation bash. Here's hoping he gets a really cool graduation present from his peeps.


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