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Friday, May 26, 2006

Coach K Not Duke's Highest Paid Employee

According to the Durham Herald-Sun, Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski is no longer the top paid employee at Duke University. In fact Coach K has dropped all the way down to fourth on the salary list at Duke and may be in danger of missing the playoffs. Krzyzewski had been the highest paid employee at Duke on numerous occasions in the past and while he makes millions of dollars beyond his Duke income as a car salesman and a credit card rep, one has to wonder what impact this will have on the K's ego. Perhaps we will begin hearing new rumors of how some NBA team has been in contact with him about their coaching vacancy so that he can leverage himself back to the top of the heap. The real shame is that this did not come out a few weeks ago when he could have used the NC State coaching job just like everyone else in college basketball did to get a raise. Wow, cracking on Duke and NC State in the same post, must be a good day.


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