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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Carolina Hurricanes

OK, I will be honest. I really do not like hockey and I do not mean in some kind of blind and stupid dislike. I simply do not care for it. Hockey is not my cup of tea. I find watching a game tedious, the actions seems largely disorganized, and I do not undestand the rhyme or reason of most of the on ice action other than when they shoot at the goal. Of course most die hard fans tell me that hockey on TV is terrible and you have to be there in person but I am not one to spend money to go to an event for a sport I do not like. I also realize that hockey and baseball are similar in the respect to the game is largely made up of a great deal of action that does not resort in points or runs. In my case baseball has a very orderly feel to it and a nice progression even if runs are not being scored. When I watch hockey I feel like I am watching 10 guys skate around chasing a puck which is difficult to control and running into one another. It seems chaotic to me even though the die hard fans will tell me that it is has a flow and design to it but unless it is a power play I fail to see it. That being said(I really like that phrase by the way) I fully support the Carolina Hurricanes in the quest for the Stanley Cup. I will cheer for them and wish them all the best because they do represent Raleigh and North Carolina at large. I think it is important to pull for the local teams* and support them even if you do not care for the sport itself. The win last night to put the Canes up 2-0 on New Jersey was a great win. To fall behind with 20 seconds left in a sport like hockey which had a high degree of difficulty when it comes scoring only to push the puck past the goalie with three seconds left to tie the game is an incredible feat. The Canes completed the victory by scoring in overtime. *As a UNC fan this provisio does not apply to Duke and was only valid for NC State during the Herb Sendek era of Wolfpack basketball.


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