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Monday, May 15, 2006

Canes Win Series Despite Storms of Apocalyptic Proportions

I have been accused by certain members of my family of being a traitor for support the Carolina Hurricanes. My late father detested the Canes and their last Stanley Cup run in 2002 on the premise that hockey was a Yankee sport and had no business in the South. There is probably an argument to be made on that but as I said before I will support the local team because winning the Stanley Cup brings nothing but good media vibes to Raleigh and North Carolina. The Canes won last night against New Jersey and advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals. Buffalo is up next and since I know as much about hockey as I do lacrosse I will refrain from making predictions or providing any kind of analysis. I watched the game and I still think many goals happen by accident or it seems that way. And during the game last night, the lights in the RBC Center went out for about 1 minute with two minutes left in the game. That's because a line of severe thunderstom moved through the area which prompted the three local networks to literally fall all over themselves trying to provide up to the minute coverage of these storms. For about three hours Sunday evening the three major network affiliates brought us riveting updates of Doppler radar images right down to the street level!!!! In fact, Greg Fishel, who drew an angry email from my dear departed father for pulling this trick several years back during a movide Daddy was watching, almost seemed aroused. Here is a general paraphrase of what he said with my own commentary in parenthesis: Fishel: As you can see by the pinks and reds here on the Doppler 5000(sounds like a sophisticated piece of technology doesn't it) this storm is likely producing hail and wind gusts up to 58 MPH and may be indicative of a tornado(or a temporal vortex). In fact if we could stay with this for just a couple(or 120) more minutes. Our Doppler updates every thirty seconds(because Elizabeth Garner lost the password to changing the settings) and we can see this storm is moving fast(but not fast enough for Survivor fans). The cell is moving east and if we go to street level mapping(Expedia! dot com!!!) we can see the cell is now at the intersection of Highway 98 and Main Street in Wake Forest(I guess that is one less McDonalds to worry about then) and it looks like it will move into Bunn in the next 15 minutes(which will probably be wiped off the face of the earth). Now I must caution anyone in the area of this cell, this is a powerful storm and you should take cover immediately(because we have a sudden rash of people watching WRAL TV while standing outside plus most North Carolinians are inherently stupid about what dark clouds on a warm May evening might bring when seen on the horizon) Now lets back up the view here and get a feel for the size of the storm(not to scale) and not to toot our own horn here(of course you will) but we have the best radar technology in the business, you will not find anyone who can bring you this kind of detail on radar(especially making the really bad parts look pink in honor of Mother's Day). Let's go to Debbie with an update on some severe traffic problems around Wade Ave probably resulting from these storms(and the fact the 18,000 people are all going to the RBC Center for a playoff game) Greg Fishel: Severe Weather Pimp


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