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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bonds Passes Babe, Media Kisses His...

I think you know the rest. The hype around Bonds passing Ruth has more to do with the figure Ruth was than it is Bonds actually hitting 715 home runs. On one hand the hype of Bonds passing Ruth would only be slightly annoying without the cloud of steroid use hanging over the San Francisco outfielder's unusually large head. The accusations alone place such a stigma on the whole mess I honestly wish the media would stop acting as though he won the World Series. Because that is precisely what ESPN is doing. As of this writing, ESPN has the big "splash" headline up which includes an oversized picture and a huge headlines along with multiple stories and links covering the event. This treatment is traditionally used for championships or a sports news story of epic proportions. I have seen it used to announce most of the champions in major sports as well as the death of Dale Earnhardt. The Fox News website even put it as their lead story. Now, I do understand the dynamic and passing Ruth is a huge deal since Bonds has moved into territory only one other man has been in over 100 years of baseball. The cloud around Bonds stinks so much that I think it should reduce the furor being raised. Of course the News 14 Sports here on Time Warner Cable in Raleigh perhaps had it right when they showed the highlight which included the following graphic: BONDS HITS HOME RUN #175 This might be a reference to the number of home runs Bonds has hit without performance enhancing drugs though the good money is on it being a typo. Undoubtedly a slight Freudian slip on the part of the technician who created the graphic.


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