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Friday, April 14, 2006

Why Doesn't He Talk About UNC More?

I am sure some people probably think it is strange that a blog called "Tar Heel Fan" has spent the last two weeks talking about everyone else but UNC? Good question and since I need a fluff piece to fill in the gap I will address my focus here. 1. No Real News From UNC The basketball season is over at UNC and the last piece of news we had was that Tyler Hansbrough would return for his sophomore season. Other than that it has been slow over there in Chapel Hill and since I am nowhere near the point I am ready to talk about football I really have nothing UNC related to pontificate about. Some more rabid fans will dissect the sping football game or even spent time talking about the super recruiting class UNC has coming. I really have no interest in discussing things on this level which seems better suited for the Inside Carolina message board rather than here on this blog. If anything new breaks in Chapel Hill, it will be on this blog, but right now, no news is good news for UNC fans. 2. Commenting on Rival Schools is Related Since I am local resident in North Carolina and I also am a UNC fan, the occurences in the Duke and NC State community are absolutely relevant. Perhaps it is good for a humor post but I also like delving into the intricacies of the coaching issue at NC State for example. And while this blog is also a Tar Heel fan blog it is also a blog about ACC basketball from a UNC fan's perspective. 3. Sports In General It is also my intention to delve into all sports issues and arenas. The NC State coaching search and the NCAA Tournament before than sucked all of the air out this little blog's room so that is all I have focused on so far. I will get into talking about baseball some and the NBA playoffs a little bit though I find the pro basketball scene very tedious. At any rate I forsee this blog being busier during the crux of the college basketball sports year from August until April/May. So summer blogging will probably be lighter unless something of monumental proportions comes to light in the ACC or at UNC. And yes, this was a filler post. I hope you enjoyed reading my vitually meaningless drivel.


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