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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

NC State Coaching Search: Day 18

Since it has been over a week since there was anything significant out of Raleigh. The interest has waned and people are starting to come to terms with their miserable lives such as they are. In my opinion Fowler has wasted the energy and enthusiasm of a rabid mob on the protracted coaching search to the point that when he does actually name someone they will be scrutinized until the cows come home. However, if there is a ongoing frenzy then the mob mentality will take over and the crowd will embrace whomever is hired as a conquering hero. Here are some ways Fowler could stir the pot to make things more interesting: 1. Schedule a press conference without revealing the reason why and then come to the podium and make a terse two sentence statement about the search continuing. Then take questions and answer every one of them with a quick, "No Comment" unless they mention a candidate by name then hesitate and shift the eyes a little before refusing to comment. 2. Have NC State booster Wendell Murphy dispatch his plane to any number of locations around the country just to spark speculation. 3. Drive to RDU airport with two other athletic department employees and walk through the terminal a couple of times just so enough people will recognize you then go back to your office and watch the rumors spread from there. 4. Send someone over to the RBC Center this evening around 9 PM driving your vehicle and have them turn the lights on inside for 30-45 minutes before leaving in a hurried fashion just as the media arrives. 5. Get your own account on Pack Pride and start posting vague but slightly contradictory rumors on the message board about the coaching search. Then when the posters are good and worked up make a suggestion that talks haven begun with Herb Sendek to bring him back to Raleigh while simulatenously starting the same rumor on the Arizona St. message board under a different username. There is a bevy of entertainment to be had over this situation and I honestly think Lee Fowler is duty bound to provides us enough inneuendo and vague speculation to flood the message boards with all the manic and delusional ravings we need to keep us all occupied until football season gets into gear. Plus, the money to be made off of new premium subscriptions at Pack Pride should be reason enough to stoke the fires of unsubstantiated speculation. I mean what else is there to do right now?


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