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Monday, April 17, 2006

NC State Coaching Search: 16 Days and Counting...

The days grow long and list grows short. And considering it only took God six days to create the heavens and earth(humanity included) the length of this search has to be reaching an embarassing point. Or perhaps not since this is not the kind of decision Lee Fowler can afford to screw up because it would probably cost him his job. The unfortunate aspect of this whole ordeal for NC State is that the names having been dropping fast and furious. Since Barnes and Calipari were approached and turned down the job names like P.J. Carlissemo formerly of the 1989 runner-up Seton Hall Pirates and having been choked by Latrell Sprewell as an NBA coach. Billy Gillespie of Texas A&M was a popular choice among Wolfpackers and was even rumored to have gone underground just as Fowler has done. It would appear he has surfaced and seems to be happy at College Station and add to that the Aggies were just forced to cough up a scholarship for a low academic rating which looks more like Jim Valvano than Roy Williams. Jay Wright is happy as a clam at Villanova or his wife is either way he is not leaving Philly. Rumors about former UNC coach Matt Doherty or current South Carolina and former Wake coach Dave Odom appear to be just that. Fordham coach Dereck Whittenburg of 1983 National Championship fame is fan favorite but does not sport much in the way of a winning resume. In fact even the Pack Pride message board has reached a resigned state and seems to be discussing the topic less and less. I think there is a real possibility that Fowler intends to drag this thing out to the point everyone forgets NC State does not have a coach while he secretly hires someone who will covertly assume the job and be revealed the day before practice starts. The backlash would be minimum and how much complaining could anyone do considering it would be a done deal? Of course I am not serious, but I do wonder what is going on in whatever secret location Fowler is locked up in conducting this search. Fowler deserves a lot of credit for going after big game for all to see to quell anyone who would claim he did not try to get a name coach. And I think this long secret silence is actually brillant since it shows he is not panicked or at least not showing he is panicked. Fowler appears to be willing to take as much time as possible as not to make some half-cocked, rush-to-judgement choice just to get the job filled. This is what is commonly referred to as due-diligence and Fowler appears to be a master at it.


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