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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Why I Like Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods opened up play in the Match Play Championships with a record 9&8 win over Stephen Ames. Now, if you are unfamiliar with how match play is scored, two golfers play 18 holes. Each hole can be won with the lowest score or if they end up with the same score it is "halved" If Woods birdies and Ames has a par, Woods wins the hole. Whoever wins the most holes wins the match and if a player is leading by a deficit greater than the number of holes left to play the match ends. This was the case yesterday between Woods and Ames. Woods won the match 9&8 which means he won nine holes and the match ended with eight holes left which is also the fastest a match can be won mathematically speaking. The real story to the match was what Ames said about Tiger beforehand. Ames was asked about his chances of beating the world's #1 golfer. His (stupid)response was: "Anything can happen, especially where he's hitting the ball." Ames was alluding to Woods last tournament, The Nissan Open, where he sprayed the ball all over the course. Woods has a tendancy to miss a lot of fairways at times and it can only be assumed that Ames was banking on a wild day from Tiger to keep him in the match. Obviously the last thing you want to do when going head to head with Tiger Woods is say something that will tick him off. In the press conference Woods was asked about the comment by Ames and if he had any reaction. Woods response? "Nine and eight"


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