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Friday, February 24, 2006

Hidden Message at AOL Sports?

Now, it is obvious based on the blog title that I am a Tar Heel fan. I also think Tyler Hansbrough is a great player. That being said, I also think Hansbrough is a little goofy looking at times. Well, the folks over at AOL Sports seem to think Hansbrough is possibly autistic. I have posted the screen shot for an article they have up here. It tells the story of a high functioning autistic student who is the team manager for his school basketball team. On senior night they allowed him to play and he dropped 20 points, including six three pointers. It is a great story, but click on the screen shot below and take a look at the photo and link embedded with the text of the article which has the headline: Autistic Team Manager Makes Hoop Dream Come True. Yes, embedded in a story about an autistic high school student who has a big scoring night is a picture of Tyler Hansbrough. What is worse, this particular picture catches an interesting expression on Hansbrough's face which might lead someone to believe the Tyler is also autistic. Author's Note: I am in no way disparaging autism or autistic persons with this post but merely pointing out a case where the media has made a poor photograph choice to go with a certain story. It also should be noted that, as far as we know, Tyler Hansbrough is not autistic though I am sure there are some State and Duke fans who would say otherwise.


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